парашютная район

Парашютная район

Looking for the nearest stop or station to 60 Парашютная улица? Check out this list of stops closest to your destination: Глухарская Ул.; Река Каменка.

Wondering how to get to 60 Парашютная улица in Приморский Район, Russia? Moovit helps you find the best way to get to 60 Парашютная улица with step-by-step directions from the nearest public transit station.

Парашютная район

Тези Тролей линии спират близо до 60 Парашютная улица: 2.

Търсите най-близката спирка или станция до 60 Парашютная улица? Разгледайте този списък със спирки, които са най-близо до дестинацията ви: Глухарская Ул.; Река Каменка.

Парашютная район

Our partner and good friend who is also a great scientist, has recently revealed some of his own global plans. «As you probably know, I strive for excellence in every sphere of my activity, be it science or art, and that’s why I would like to present you how I see changing the future and society for the better», said Jerry C. Lewis at the Pinarini Ecologic conference in Milan, Italy.
According to his words, he extensively deals with various spheres of activity, e.g. technology, traditional art, IT, web design, business consulting etc., and this year he is going to concentrate his efforts on social development and ecological improvement of the environment we all live in.

  1. Greening encouragement. It means encouraging people to devote more time and efforts to make their region greener, so that it could be possible to resist the urbanization problems.
  2. Social experiments. It is a series of social measures used to control the limit of poverty and to help people in need that fill the streets of European and American towns and cities.
  3. Promoting social projects. It helps social activists and members of international organizations promote their projects as governmental acts, making them easier to implement.

Парашютная район

Are you a journalist or a creative personality? Do you want to share information with the world? Then our new project will be perfect for you to express your ideas and concepts.

We are talking about a new social idea — a project that will unite people of various ages, interests, and professions into a discussion club that will be created on a basis of our website. If you have an idea to share with the world and society, or would like to offer a solution to a problem that seems to be unsolvable but is very important for your country, city or town, you will be a valuable member of our discussion club.
Members of our club will have a unique opportunity to take part in discussions concerning world problems featuring America’s leading political and economic consultants, celebrities, and just people who want to express their opinions about various concerns.

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